Do You Think Nintendo Is Marketing Their System Wrong AGAIN?

It seems like Nintendo keeps on marketing this device as a home console that is also a handheld, but really shouldn't Nintendo be trying to make a point that it is a handheld that can also be docked and used like a home console? They royally messed up with the Wii U. They did a horrible job explaining to consumers why they needed one and how it was different than the Wii. The naming idea of the console was a terrible idea, but there marketing and execution was just as bad.

Their Nintendo DS/3DS market is so big, it makes more sense to target those buyers. They could just explain that the 3DS system is the past gen. They will still make 3DS games for the time being but the switch is the next generation of Nintendo handhelds. I see a lot of people trying to compare this system to the PS4 and Xbox One online. People saying this is inferior to a PS4 (and PS4 pro) and Xbox One. What I think a LOT of people aren't understanding is that all of the horsepower is in the handheld itself. I've seen consumers saying "Why doesn't this system have 4k like PS4 and Xbox One" not realizing how impossible that is with current hardware (a tablet gaming in 4K would generate so much heat, causing the tablet to have bigger fans… which loses its portability not to mention battery life would be nill). Nintendo once again isn't driving this home to consumers. They should have done this when it was first shown off and explained this. Lets be honest, consumers are dumb. They need to be talked to like 8 year olds to get it.

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