Do you think Nintendo will make Joy-Cons available separately?

When I was watching the video for the tenth time, it suddenly occurred to me that it didn't really show 3+ player support on a single Switch. The most was two, one half of the Joy-Con for each person. Never did we see someone using four Joy-Cons on a single Switch, which I find mildly worrying (I mean very mildly, it still looks really fun).

This seems driven home by the fact that the individual halves of the Joy-Con have no way to identify "Player 1" or "Player 2" or anything like that. It looks like it might be available on the Joy-Con grip, on the center portion with the lights, but that also might be for something else.

It's also something I'd like to see since the Gamepad was a one and done kind of thing. If it broke, sucks for you. It would seem wrong to return to this for the Switch, especially given the lose-ability of the L&R Joy-Cons.

Just some thoughts..!

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