Do you think there will be many limited editions?

I see everyone creating fan art customs, and they look amazing, so here's the thing: The 3DS gets a ton of special / limited edition models. A ton. While the Wii U received 0. Not even one. (There was the Zelda one, but that was just a limited edition game pad.)– so seeing as this is kind of a hybrid, do you think they will go the way of the 3DS or the way of Wii U when it comes to limited editions?

And if so, do you think they'd mostly just do custom joy cons? Limited edition joy cons? Kind of the way they do limited edition 3ds plates? I'm wondering how that will work. Would they do limited edition docks? Are they even selling the dock separately right now? I'm a sucker for limited editions. I own two of every console, but for now I'm just ordering one switch so I can buy a limited edition later on.

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