Do you want dedicated mobile games on the Switch?

So, the main feature of the Switch is "Play fully fledged console games on the go!". This is of course great, but there are also some disadvantages for a mobile system:

  • Battery lasting shorter due to demanding graphics
  • Gameplay is often more geared toward long playing sessions, less suitable for some quick fun in between
  • Console games are usually more expensive (to develop and buy)
  • an UI made for a 50" TV could look cluttered on a 7" handheld

Do you believe there will be a division in the Switch lineup? While I'm sure all games will technically work in docked and mobile mode, maybe some will be geared more for mobile. I could especially imagine 3DS/mobile phone developers going the road of games with simpler graphics and quicker gameplay, which keep the (development) cost lower and the battery alive longer. Would you want that? Or are those games only good for phones and tablets now?

Discussion started at here by Gothars

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