Docked vs. undocked- potentially future-proofing all Switch games?

Hey there. So it's confirmed that the Switch will run games at a higher resolution when docked as opposed to undocked. This was somewhat expected, and makes a lot of sense from a power draw standpoint. But how does this affect the actual development of titles?

Well, to be honest with you, I do not have all the answers. However, we know that developers will obviously have the choice of what settings to tone down via the changing of modes, the most important one for this example being resolution.

Say you put a Wii game in a Wii U. That game is still rendering at 480p, not 1080p. That's just how it works. Games will not run at a higher resolution than they were programmed to. You can see this with any system that has BC. Xbox games don't run at a higher resolution when played on a 360. PS1 doesn't on a PS2. That's just how it works.

However- you can run Half-Life 2 now, in 4k or higher. That's because PC games are scalable by nature. That's how PC games are developed- they have to be able to run on a myriad of PCs with different specs. So with that resolution option built in, you can run even older games at higher resolutions if they were allowed to. And if not mods take care of that.

How does that apply to the Switch? Well, if games can run at more than one resolution (docked vs. undocked) then does it not stand to reason that Switch games will, at least on the developer's side, scalable by default? Could a developer, say run their exact game at a higher resolution if the specs allowed for it? What's stopping them?

Here's what to think about from this post:

If the Switch's games are by default not locked in to a set resolution, could that mean that future iterations of the Switch could run older games at higher resolutions?

What are your thoughts?

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