Dock/Undock game mechanic “gimmick”

So I was thinking about how the two states of the Switch console (docked or mobile) might be used as an actual gameplay mechanism. I'm not sure it'd actually be feasible or something that would actually improve gameplay at all, but it was something interesting to think about.

The example I could think of is something like MegaMan.EXE where you jack in to different electronics and had the virtual world and the real world. In a Switch type "gimmick", you'd play as Lan (or whoever the main human character would be) when undocked, then when you jack in to something in the game you'd physically dock the Switch and play in the virtual world on the TV. So in order to "jack out" you'd physically pick up the Switch at any time, or to jack in you'd stand next to an object in the "real world" then dock the Switch to jack in.

Would I want this in an actual game? Probably not, since it would mean having to stand up and walk over to the dock every time I wanted to use that game mechanic, so if it was used in a game in some way it would have to be fairly spaced out in its usage. Still, it was a fun thought and something I'm curious if someone will try to use it in a way like this or if Nintendo will keep a pretty tight limitation of the game having to be fully functional in either mobile or docked form.

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