Does anyone else want more games with Miis, like the “Wii…” series?

I know, most people don't want anything even remotely related to Wii anymore, but since Miis are clearly sticking around, why not keep making games that utilize them as playable characters? I'm not asking for another Wii Sports sequel, just another game that takes place on with Miis, maybe on Wuhu Island? That place is probably one of my favorite locations in gaming, and I loved exploring it in Wii Sports Resort's marathon mode, as well as on 3DS, in Mario Kart 7 and Pilotwings Resort.

Just imagine a sand-box game that's directly connected to Miitomo, where our Miis can live in an apartment condo (similar to the one in Tomodachi Life), located in a new-and-improved Wuhu Island, where they can ride a bike, fly a plane, chat online with people, etc. Miitomo would then become kind of like a companion app to that game, where you can update their clothes, decorate their room, etc. and all the changes will also be made on the Switch game. Basically, I just want a mix of GTA Online, Go Vacation and Wii Sports Resort, all with Miitomo integration. That's my dream game.

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