Does the Nintendo Switch Have a PROJECTOR?! | Give It Thought

Is there a mini projector in the NintendoSwitch? Well, if recent patent filings are anythingto take seriously, then yeah.

But… why, though? Let’s give it some thought.

What is going on you wonderful thought havingpeople you? Give It Thought back here today to bring youanother Nintendo Switch news update.

As evidenced by some recent patent filings,it looks like the Nintendo Switch could be getting a projector in the side of the handheldscreen.

Before I get into this, though, just knowthat patents do not automatically mean something is coming.

A great example is the early concept patentof the Switch itself.

It shows off an oddly oblong screen that extendspast the buttons and joysticks.

Most of you have seen this picture and weknow now that it is completely false.

So, no more gabbing about the past, let’sget into this and look at the more recent patents for the upcoming console.

Most of what was shown in the debut trailerwas already known by some fans through the leaks, so the most they learned about thenew system was that Skyrim would be on there.

But a couple of patent filings, first spottedby Polygon, show off a few features that Nintendo has yet to announce.

This comes directly from the patent filing,quote, “An exemplary portable electronics apparatus includes a display provided at afront surface,” which we knew about.

“an infrared camera and a distance measuringsensor which are provided at a side surface, and a vibrator.

” So no mention of the projector yet, but thisstuff is equally intriguing.

There is no word or even mention in the patentfiling for what kind of games these features will work for, but we can assume the infraredcamera will detect for human heat signatures to know it is dealing with a person holdingand not, say, a space heater.

The distance measuring sensor will come backin when I talk about the projector, so the only thing left is the vibrator.

As you can see by this image which was includedin the patent, the joycons, and yes the detachable controllers are called joycons, but they’reshown attached, so we don’t know if the vibrating function will be in the singularcontrollers or in the screen itself.

This particularly worries me because I amso weary of the battery life of the Switch.

Vibration function will not help matters there.

But, on to what I am most interested in aboutthese patents and possible feature for the Nintendo Switch: the projector.

As you can see by this crude demonstration,the mini-projector will show images from the screen onto your hands.

Just going by that, it looks like some trivialaddition.

But, further down in the patent filing, weget this image.

It shows a batter on the screen and a projectedball in the player’s hand.

The player then makes a throwing motion andthe ball goes into the screen.

Following that, the batter hits the baseballand the player catches it again.

Of course, this is an elementary example ofwhat could be accomplished with this feature, but it is a pretty unique thing, nonetheless.

But this is where the distance sensor wouldcome in to see how hard you threw the ball and how far away you are when throwing.

Okay, here’s where skeptical Give It Thoughtsteps in.

While I love the innovation Nintendo triesto do, I kind of hope this was filed as a possibility.

If you caught my last Nintendo Switch video,I talked about the Wii U controller problem and the hassle it was for developers to makegames around it.

If the Switch goes the route of all theseweird features built in to this controller, they could be setting themselves up for theexact same thing.

And, that’s not even mentioning the batterylife.

This is my biggest worry about this system.

How would a standard battery support 3-4 hoursof play on a thing with vibration, projectors, and infrared cameras, all the while displayingdecent graphics on screen? I don’t know.

But, don’t take that negativity as lackof excitement about the Switch.

I can’t wait to get my hands on this thingand try out portable Skyrim.

That is like a dream come true for me.

But, I just wanted to show everyone that theNintendo Switch may be even more complicated than originally assumed.

So, why don’t you tell me what you thinkabout this one.

Are you excited to play with that projector? Or, do you think this patent will not makeit to the final product? Let’s talk about it down in the comments.

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