Don’t Go Digital with the Switch

I've been thrust into going almost entirely digital because of work and I can honestly say that physical is better in the long run.

Not only do you guarantee than you'll be able to play the games should your original system die (think Wii U), but you're also gifted with glorious shelf-filling cases.

Digital is certainly convenient, but I also value the games I have digitally far less than the physical copies. My Wii U is littered with titles I've only picked up a few times (exception: Splatoon) but all the physical games I have had each received a lot more playtime with the exception of 007 Legends.

Physical is the way to go in my eyes, even if you're lumbered with old second hand copies of games it's far more satisfying and reassuring to hold a cartridge in your hand than just have the data stamped onto a generic Micro SD. It sound trivial (and it is) but it's better in my eyes.

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