Dropping $1k for the switch in 2017. How about you?

I decided to total up my planned switch purchases for the year and it looks to be right around $1,000. At first it seemed high but when I think about I'm satisfied.

$336.96 Switch Grey (+4 year waranty)
$75.41 Pro Controller
$51.71 Zelda (Launch)
$51.71 Mario Kart (April 28th)
$515.79 Total Purchased

$40.00 Superbomberman R (Launch)
$20.00 Snipperclips (March)
$30.00 Fast RMX (March)
$30.00 Tetris (May 2nd)
$51.71 Arms (Spring)
$80.00 Joy Cons
$30.00 Sonic Mania (Spring)
$51.71 Splatoon 2 (Summer)
$51.71 Skyrim (Autumn)
$51.71 Mario Odyssey (December)
$436.84 Total Future Purchases

$952.63 2017 Total

Hori Controller
Screen Protector
Carrying Case
Online Fees

The only purchasing I'm questionable on in Super Bomberman R. I may wait to test that one out before I purchase. What does your budget for the year look like? *Note – pricing assumptions for games based on Amazon preorders in U.S. I think most are accurate, although not 100% sure on Sonic Mania and Fast RMX.

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