Easy Way to Find a Nintendo Switch Preorder!

Hey guys! Many people are disappointed about not being able to preorder a Switch console, but fear not! There is still hope (as long as you live in the US and near a few Walmarts)! 1. Search up "Walmarts Near Me" on google 2. Once a list of nearby Walmarts comes up, select one and call the store number. 3. Once you reach an employee who works at the electronics section, just ask if they're still taking preorders for the Switch. Ending 1: It they say yes (which they most likely will as local preorders are not as popular as online ones) take down the address, drive to the Walmart, and go to the electronics section. Usually they will direct you to the layaway counter. Ending 2: If they say no, say thank you and refer back to your list of nearby Walmarts list and call the next one. Hope this helped! Happy Switching!

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