Eurogamer’s sources are only reporting the clock speeds, not the 20nm Maxwell rumor.

With all the rumors going around, people on this sub-reddit are in a frenzy and are mixing them up. Of course, Eurogamer's sketchy wording in their own article doesn't help, but I would like to take a whack at getting things straight:

The only rumor backed up from EG's sources from their article yesterday is the docked/undocked clock speed configuration. EG does reference the Venturebeat rumor regarding 20nm Maxwell but nowhere in the article does EG say that their own sources back this up. Where they got sketchy with the wording in their article is using the word "confirmed" when talking about the VG rumor:

"Recently, Venturebeat essentially reconfirmed a Digital Foundry report from July, revealing that Nintendo Switch is based on Nvidia's Tegra X1, featuring a GPU based on second generation Maxwell technology."

Regarding that Digital Foundry report, it did say Nvidia Tegra, and reported that Maxwell was in the dev-kits, but this was in no way a confirmation that the actual Switch is not using 16nm Pascal instead. If you go back to the EG article on that, EG themselves were not sure it was Maxwell and even pondered the possibility that it was actually 16nm Pascal:

"There's an additional wrinkle to the story too, albeit one we should treat with caution as it is single-source in nature with a lot of additional speculation on our part. This relates to the idea that the Tegra X1 in the NX development hardware is apparently actively cooled, with audible fan noise. With that in mind, we can't help but wonder whether X1 is the final hardware we'll see in the NX. Could it actually be a placeholder for Tegra X2?"

Furthermore, going back to yesterday's EG article, even though they used a derivative of the word "confirmed" at the beginning of the article, later on in the article they throw some doubt at the VB 20nm Maxwell rumor:

"While we're confident that our reporting on Switch's clock-speeds is accurate, all of the questions we have concerning the leaked spec remain unanswered…. Performance at lower clocks could be boosted by a larger GPU (ie more CUDA cores), but this seems unlikely – even if Switch is using newer 16nm technology, actual transistor density isn't that different to Tegra X1's 20nm process – it's the FinFET '3D' transistors that make the difference. A larger GPU would result in a more expensive chip too, with only limited performance gains. And if Switch is using a more modern 16nm Tegra chip, we would expect Nintendo to follow Nvidia's lead in how the new process is utilised. However, the Tegra X2 features the same CUDA core count and apparently boosts GPU clocks by 50 per cent, the opposite direction taken by Nintendo."

So even EG is unsure whether it is 20nm Maxwell or 16nm Pascal. That last paragraph is pure speculation, but I'm going to disagree with EG on their speculation that it is unlikely that the Switch has a larger chip. IMO, the lower clock speeds actually makes it more likely that the "custom" Nvidia Tegra chip found in the Switch has a larger core count than a stock X1 or X2. If you look at the custom chips AMD made for XB1 and PS4, they have much larger core counts (both CPU and GPU) than any other APU AMD had ever made, but the clock speeds were lower than their other APUs (i.e. my laptop has an AMD A6-5200 processor which uses the same CPU/GPU architecture as the XB1/PS4, the laptop only has 4 CPU cores , but the CPU cores are clocked at 2.05GHz vs the PS4's 1.6GHz). Because of thermal dissipation reasons, processors with higher core counts generally have lower clock speeds.

What I'm saying is that, although the clock speeds rumor comes from reliable sources, the other rumors do not. So it is still entirely possible that the Tegra processor in the Switch is 16nm Pascal and possibly has more than the stock 256 cores (possible 384 or 512). If this is the case, the Switch is still going to have great specs, but we don't know yet so IT IS TOO EARLY TO PANIC!

TL;DR: -EG sources only confirm clock speeds, not 20nm Maxwell rumors

-Switch could still be 16nm Pascal, maybe with more than 256 cores

-Don't panic!

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