Every western developer should follow the enthusiasm and the example of todd howard for supporting the switch

I think todds views of the switch is not only to honor nintendo because their long run career on the videogame industry but because he really likes the idea of seeing his games made portable instead of only tv

Thats why it reallly pisses me off when i heard titanfall and torment devs almost mocking the switch because they think its childish or "unworthy" of their games, they dont even know most of the switch users are going to be adults and handheld lovers who are desperate to play that kind of western games on a portable, a missed oportunity for them.

As for myself i will buy every western multiplat on switch only because its portable dont care if its downgraded, thats the point of the switch.

If they really call themselves videogame fans and lovers they should release every multiplat on all platforms not only in 2 or 3 out of 4 it makes no sense to me. Thats why i find todds support so awesome because he looks really passionated about every oportunity the industry brings, while other westerns devs looks like they are fanboys or nintendo haters wth.

What do you think?

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