Everything is a “gimmick” until it becomes standard, so don’t hate on the Switch just because it’s ahead of its time.

So there's a ton of people that genuinely think things like, "ew, HD Rumble is dumb" and "ugh, most developers won't even use the motion controls" and "TouchSense? that's the most useless thing I've ever heard of."

If you're one of them, I'm afraid you're being a hit close minded.

Now, that might sound rude, but please understand it's not my intention to insult you, it's just the most accurate way to describe how "closed", so to speak, your perception is on the world around you. Let me explain:

There are many things that currently exist that are widely accepted as "standards" that people depend on, things that people miss sorely when it isn't there, and it's no coincidence that many of those same things upon their conception were originally called "gimmicks" and "useless" and "stupid".

And there's millions of examples, really. I mean, could you imagine using a computer without a mouse? Because that's what it was like in the beginning. The mouse only became necessary when operating systems on computers evolved from primarily text-based user interfaces, to being graphical user interfaces, or "GUIs" when Steve Jobs and the Mac popularized GUIs.

People said "wow that's dumb and slow, I could just hit Win+L on my keyboard to log off, why should I use a mouse to open a menu to then hit a button, when that combo can do it that much faster?"

And yet the mouse is standard. Why? Ease of use, and access. Not everyone knows about hotkeys like Win+L, but damn near everyone knows how to log off with a mouse.

Still with me? Well, likewise, the exact same thing was said about touchscreens, and yet I don't think I've seen a phone in all of 2017 with a physical keyboard. So when people say "bah Nintendo is being stupid, no one's going to make games that use X feature/technology and yet I'm spending money on a device that could be cheaper if it DIDN'T have that tech in it?"

And its true, not every dev uses that, but there are those that do and I'm extremely grateful for those that do. For example, I can't imagine Mario Maker without touchscreen functionality on the Wii U, or Pikmin without aiming with motion controls on the Wii/U. People didn't want the Wii/U to have motion controls, they just wanted the same old thing that every other company had provided them since the 1970's, a standard controller with buttons, triggers, a dpad, etc.

Anyway, this post is getting too long so I'm gonna wrap up and answer things in the comments as they come up.

TL; DR: Even if you can't see the possible applications of a new technology, they are there. People didn't think the mouse, or the touchscreen, or motion controls would take off, and yet, every computer requires the mouse, everybody has a touchscreen phone, and motion controls are a MUST for VR. So don't be so quick to dismiss HD Rumble, TouchSense, motion controls, IR cameras, etc because it's very possible you'll be wrong, just like many have been in the past.

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