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Wait a minute.

This isn't a video game.

What's this? Huh.

That's weird.

It's like a.


of some sort.

Yes, everybody! Just this morning was the release of the official announcementof the NX, or as we now call it, the Nintendo Switch.

And this new console has blown every expectationthat had out of the water.

And I wanna talk about it! Now, not a lot was really known about the Switchwhen it was first discussed under its original alias of the NX back in March 2015.

BUT there were a few tidbits of informationthat were released by Nintendo, such as, "it's a brand new concept," and, "the NX will bemore connected to users' digital lives than previous Nintendo hardware.

" This left many fans scratching their headsas to what this could actually MEAN until October of that same year when rumors startedcirculating from unconfirmed sources about the console itself, calling it a "console-handheldhybrid.

" People speculated about the meaning of this,discussing the implications of such a device, especially with the less-than stellar responseto Nintendo's previous console, the Wii U.

The rumors themselves seemed to be believableafter a time, especially after the Pokemon Company itself stated that "Nintendo willchange the concept of portables with the NX.

" And little did we actually know, but.

theywere right.

! With so much mystery and so little informationcontributed from Nintendo itself, it was no wonder fans were starving for informationto the point of BOMBARDING the company through social media outlets-including other companies such as Papa Johns.


The pizza place.

This was further exacerbated by the fact thatNintendo announced that they would NOT be releasing any information about the NX duringthe E3 conference back in June of this year.

But now- NOW we've seen it! And it.



Now, it is NO secret that I'm a sucker forNintendo, so, I will try to put aside my bias and just give you the facts.

The Nintendo Switch at its surface is, aspreviously stated, a "console-handheld hybrid.

" As we can see during the initial announcementtrailer, it is comprised of the main console itself, doubling as a docking station, whichholds the portable HD screen, and a "Joy-Con" controller, which seems to resemble what onewould possibly GET if the original Wii controller and a nunchuck got it on with a Wii U gamepad.

Despite its potentially questionable designand origins, it seems like this thing is pretty neat.

We can see it being used in a variety of ways,such as inside the Switch body configuration, its mobile configuration, single player duelcontrollers, or even doubling up as an additional controller for another person to use, enablingthem to join the game that you’re currently playing.

Along with the so-called Joy-Con, we werealso treated to a reveal of an “optional” Switch Pro controller: a more TRADITIONALroute to the Not-so traditional console.

Specs for the system right now seem to bea bit sparse, but the running idea is that home-console play will perform at a native1080p resolution, while the portable screen is complete with a 6.

2 inch visual span ata 720p HD resolution, and completed with your average analog audio jack.

Ooooh, Apple.

Shots Fired.

This alone shows that Nintendo’s currentinitiative is to attempt fill every possible niche in gaming for their users to enjoy-at home, on the go, innovative, and nostalgic.

all wrapped into one concise package.

It begs the question, though- will this beNintendo’s new era of gaming? Will the divide between gaming at home andon the go suddenly fade? WILL THIS? BE THE END? OF THE GAMING? DISK? From a consuming standpoint, we can’t reallyanticipate what kind of impact the Switch will have in the market at the current time.

Demand seems high as excitement abounds, butwhat about the price tag? In the past, Nintendo has tried to make itsproducts more affordable to the general public, even going so far as to remove chargers andperipherals from the newer editions of their systems in order to do so- but seeing as thisis a whole new console with all new tech, including a custom NVIDIA Tegra processor,it’s hard to say.

NVIDIA itself boasts that this GPU is “basedon the same architecture as the world’s top-performing GeForce gaming graphics cards.

” They also go on to say that not only werethey involved in the development of this new chip for the hardware, but that they werealso involved in the creation of the “algorithms, computer architecture, system design, systemsoftware, APIs, game engines and peripherals.

” This seemed to impress a lot of developers,as at the time of the Switch’s announcement, a list was released of 48 different softwarecompanies that have ALREADY pledged their support towards the console, including bignames such as Activision, Bethesda, Capcom, EA, and Ubisoft, which is more than the WiiU ever had at launch.

Even in the release trailer, we saw peopleplaying Skyrim.



It makes me wonder if they’re waiting forthe release of Skyrim’s upcoming special edition to coincide with the release of theSwitch, which is projected for March of next year.

Skyrim isn’t the only game worth notingfor the Switch’s upcoming lineup, either.

We also got to see a variety of other games,including the previously teased “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild,” Splatoon,and new game installments for Both Super Mario and Mario Kart- and some unnamed NBA game,but eh.


This all being said, as EXCITED as I am forthis new console, I do have a few minor concerns.

Just because we’ve seen these new gamesas part of the trailer, other than the new Legend of Zelda, we’ve received no announcementsfor any other games, exclusive or not, that will be present as part of the launch’slineup.

We don’t even have any true confirmationabout backwards compatibility, or which games will have that privilege, if any.

And finally, there’s the matter of the consoleitself.

TRULY it is an innovative and new take ongaming, and one I’m more than excited to try, but I keep having horrible premonitionsof the screen suddenly becoming unlocked from the middle of the Joy-Con, and BOOM.

No more Switch.

Not so "Joy-ful" NOW, is it? I can only hope that once the launch datecomes, it will be alongside protective equipment for the hardware to not only keep it in place,but to protect it from every day nicks and scratches that just happen to mobile devicesregardless.

Well there you have it, the long-elusive informationabout the NX.

So, are you excited for this console? Let me know your thoughts on the Switch down in the comments below! Though I have to say, regardless of one’sopinions of Nintendo or speculation of the console, I’m sure we can agree that evenan attempt at such a feat will leave a spin on the gaming market and the community fromnow on.

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I’ll see you next time, and don't forgetto stay awesome.


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