Exactly WHY do we believe LKD’s rumors?

Don't get me wrong, but I don't see why we even believe her. All of the pre-announcement stuff was either debunked or super obvious and talked about for a year, like the console being a hybrid.

Some of her leaks don't even make sense, like the one about battery life, there are no retail units released and all of the devkits are usually hardwired into the main debug unit destroying the need for a battery.

She has responded to me once on Twitter, saying that she predicted about the sticks being not on the same level. Fair enough. But when I asked her about all of the obvious stuff or the stuff that hasn't happened, she just ignored that. twitter.com/Metalik_/status/798878740193439748

What I think is really happening is that she just shares freaking fan dreams for some clicks on her website no one knew about before the switch announcement. But of course, everything can't be overly positive, so she dilutes all of the positive stuff with nonsensical bullshit.

But why Nintendo blocked her, you ask me. Simple. Nintendo needs no unwanted buzz about their system. 1. It creates false expectations. 2. It also creates negativity towards Nintendo with that unwanted s**t.

Would you invite someone to a party, who talked s**t about you behind your back and, considering the Internet's overreaction threatened your plans?

I don't think so.

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