Expedited/Same-day Target Pre-Orders Reading March 4th Delivery Date

This is more of a friendly heads-up than anything. A fellow coworker who pre-ordered his Switch through Target with the expedited shipping option (the claim was for release day delivery) alerted me that his order was showing a March 4th delivery date. I checked my own order out of concern since I also pre-ordered through Target with that option. Sure enough, it read March 4. I am having my Switch delivered to work, and with March 4 being a Saturday, I wouldn't be able to get the object of my pining until that Monday. Needless to say, that was concerning to me.

So, I opened up the customer service chat, and the representative on the other end was rather helpful in checking into the situation and reassured me that the system still said our Switches were supposed to arrive on March 3. He said to me that it's possible the system may update one or two more times before the release for various reasons, but I shouldn't worry. He further mentioned that he would be forwarding the discrepancy to whomever could look into the situation. I'm a bit more at ease but obviously still skeptical.

TL;DR: Some Target pre-orders originally guaranteed for the March 3rd release date are showing a March 4th delivery date. However, customer service reassures that the delivery is still in the system as March 3rd. "Keep calm, it'll arrive on time" is what I'll be telling myself between now and March 3.

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