First reaction.

I'm asking myself a question. "What will be your first feeling/reaction when you unpack the system or hold it in your hands for the first time?"

I'm planning to wish me the Switch as a birthday present. If I wouod get it, my first reaction when I unwrap the package and see the logo and the name, I probably just break out in tears. This will be my 14th birthday and since i got my GBA, Nintendo and espiacally the Zelda series is a big part if my life. I wqtched the Jimmy Fallon show on YT. The moment Reggie showed up the Switch and they played BotW, I broke out in tears too. We are waiting now for so long. So many disscussions,rumors,leaks n stuff. Im happy to be a part of this subreddit because it's helping me to get through my time. My love to LoZ is at the highest point so far and I'm waiting so desperately for BotW.

What do you think will yor first reaction be?

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