For the first time in my young life I’m excited for a Nintendo console before release.

My first experience with Nintendo was probably Super Mario 64 when I was quite young. But after I saw the Wii at a friend's house I became obsessed with it, even if it really was just sold to kids and older casual gamers based on the motion controls gimmick. Just like many others my family and I had a blast with it, until we slowly got bored of it. As I got a little bit older the gimmick wore off completely and I was never into Nintendo enough to begin with to become invested in the "core" games like Zelda, Smash, Metroid or the newer Mario games.

I guess I lost interest in core Nintendo systems after the Wii, despite loving their handhelds to this day. I ended up getting a DS Lite around 2007/08 for Pokemon Diamond and I've been enjoying Sun on my 3DS immensely.

When the Wii U came around it looked to me like a slightly more powerful Wii, with a silly controller. The system didn't look appealing to me at all. The games on the other hand have tempted me for years. And to this day I see nothing but praise for the Wii U's library, and rightly so. So essentially, for the last several years, Nintendo have appeared to me as a company that make great games that are tied to systems that just don't seem to hit the nail on the head when it comes to executing on a concept that Nintendo thought up.

But now, the Switch is going to change all of that for me. As I said, I love Nintendo's handhelds, they've always been great. So the fact that the Switch itself is an insanely powerful handheld system with a gorgeous screen is a huge plus for me, and it's probably how I'll be using the system 70% of the time.

The Switch also has something the Wii U lacked; capable hardware. Which is another reason why I'm interested this time around. And after seeing the perfection of motion controls, the joycons and the truly hybrid nature of the system I was sold. Yes the launch lineup is a little light but Breath Of The Wild is already more than enough for me and even more great games release throughout the year.

I'm really happy to be genuinely excited for a new Nintendo console for first time in my life. I've always wanted to dive into the deep end with a new console, but the Wii and Wii U just didn't line up with what they wanted them to be. Switch couldn't be more the opposite. I honestly think this will be the ultimate Nintendo system for years to come and I'm so happy that Nintendo finally got their decade's worth of conceptual ideas and visions for their systems to finally come to fruition. I don't even have the money for the Switch right now but regardless, I'm hyped. For the system to be in my hands but especially for the games.

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