For those who think that the rumors about the Switch using Maxwell architecture are true, think again…

This is a statement made by Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang a month ago, which is something a lot of people don't remember or don't know about. Huang makes it clear that due to the architecture and APIs the Switch offers, it should be "easy and simple" to port PS4, XB1, and PC games onto the Switch. I'm assuming that when he means by "PS4, XB1, and PC games" he means all games from the platforms should be easy to port (including AAA 3rd party titles).

Now how can it be "easy and simple" to port those games on a chipset that's less powerful than PS4 and XB1? Just think about that for a sec…unless if these rumors do end up being true, then Nvidia may be adding secret sauce into the system that'll help 3rd parties port their AAA titles on the system (most likely through optimized APIs).



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