FromSoftware working on Zelda Souls game for Switch

Hello, everyone! I'm new to posting in this subreddit, although I have lurked before. I have some news that I am sure will excite many of you guys here. A reliable source close to me has disclosed that the developer FromSoftware is developing a new game in the Souls franchise exclusively for Switch that will be based in the Zelda Universe. It will be called Hyrule Souls.

My source wasn't able to give me many details but has said to me that you will play as Link and it won't be apart of the canonical Zelda storyline. It will also feature weapons and items the Zelda series is known for such as boomerangs, bombs and bow & arrows. Not to surprising, but still notable none the less.

The game is on track for a 2018 release and is likely to be revealed at E3 this year but of course is subject to change.

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