Funny Nintendo Switch Commercial Ideas:

What are some funny Nintendo Switch commercial ideas you could come up with?

Mine is this guy runs into the bathroom, closes the door (camera is like you watching the door from the outside) and then you hear a sigh of relief as he hits the seat. Then you hear the Nintendo Switch click and then music/sound effects play to help portray the idea he's in there for a LONG time (day & night cycles, door erosion) and when he gets out, it's like 2082 & he sees his house a wreck and robots infesting his house and flying crap thru a hole in the ceiling. Then the commercial finishes with the guy saying "oh shi-"and then it cuts off & the Nintendo Switch vocal sample plays w/ the song & the commercial ends.

It's funny cos the guys been shutting all this time. Plus it's relatable bc you already spend so long on the toilet bc phones & s**t, now that's gonna triple bc of the Nintendo Switch ? Feel free to use these @Nintendo, I only wanna see the BEST from you ?

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