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So looking back at the line up of launch titles coming to the Nintendo Switch. I know i am getting Zelda (Who isn't), I also have paid off Bomberman R, Skylanders, Mario Cart 8, and planning on getting I Am Setsuna.

After looking back at Bomberman R, I am wondering if it is worth getting now or waiting until its $19.99 instead of $49.99. Yes, it's a childhood classic but compared to Video games in 1990's to now can it hold up its gameplay (How much Boxes and other bomberman can you kill before you never play again)?

Skylander feels like Spyro without the dragon character. I have never played the game or collected the figures. I see you collect gear, specials and more so seems fun, but never see the gear used and seems like it will cost a fortune.

I am Setsuna a game that is made from Jap. RPG that says to have the same feel as Final Fantasy but a different game play style.

What is everyone else feelings and takes on the games on Launch or shortly after?

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