Games I Want for the Switch in its First Year

Quick reminder: this may seem like a lot, but most of this is likely to release at launch, and the first year is between March 2017 and March 2018.

New 2D Mario (maybe)

New 3D Mario


FNaF Port

MK8 Port/Updated MK8/Double Dash HD

SM4SH Port/Updated SM4SH/Melee HD

Banjo-Kazooie HD/Yooka-Laylee Switch Editon

Goldeneye HD (a guy can dream)

Splatoon Port/Splatwoon

Star Fox Zero Port

Mario Maker Port/Deluxe Edition

New DK Game (similar to DK64)

New Wave Racer

SM64 HD (again, a guy can dream)

Add what you want in the comments!

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