Gameseek preorders: are they legit?

A retailer in the UK called Gameseek are offering preorders at a discounted price due to their previous placeholder price confusing a few people.

Their placeholder price was 198.50 British Pounds, which equates to roughly 247 USD. To appease people who preordered with this price they have promised to continue accept preorders at this discounted price. They have also stated their next batch of Nintendo Switch consoles will also be sold at this discounted rate.

So the question is, is this legitimate? Unlike other preorders, Gameseek require you to pay the complete amount upfront, which may sound questionable. Also with Gameseek itself not being a huge retail company they may be unable to keep up with demands.

I'd seriously appreciate your thoughts on this, because for Australian customers it offers a saving of 150 AUD excluding shipping.

Thanks for reading and I hope you tell me what you guys think about this deal.

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