Getting triggered by the Joy-Con Colors

Since my last post has been removed due to the lack of information it has provided, I'd like to start a discussion.

It all started with someone posting some similar pic to this one – Sorry to OP, but I couldn't find the earliest original post -and he noticed, that Nintendo's choosing the neon blue and neon red colors for the alternative Joy-Con colors, may not be as random as you might think.

While watching the episode of IGN's unboxing of the "Link- Breath of the Wild" Figure … I noticed something subtle going on with the choice of background lightning.

I also went shopping the other day & these two fragrances standing next to each other caught my attention.

Then back at home this program logo comes on and they seem to have changed their art/style/appearance

Now what do you think: Have you seen any similar color schemes / combinations of such neon colors more recently? Which version of the Joy-Con are you preferring?

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