Guys, I gambled it all on the Switch…

And by that, I mean that I made the incredibly agonizing decision to trade in my Wii U and my 2DS yesterday, plus all of their games/accessories. I had seen a fifty dollar credit console trade-in promo at GameStop online early yesterday, and ultimately I took the bait.

It's not that doing so would have been the only way to fund the Switch, but now that my wife and I have one kid, with another on the way, and since we are saving to enter the ridiculously expensive home-ownership market, it seemed like the right thing to do.

I felt deep sadness as I began to bundle up all of the accessories and gather all the games. My wife and I played one last round of Mario Kart, which only increased the pain of the decision. In the first race, she won, first place to second. Then, in the second race, she won again, third place to fourth. I was beginning to despair that I was going to lose the last round of Mario Kart for a long time.

In the last race, we were neck and neck for much of it. It was Big Blue, which is a continuous track broken into segments, rather than one with loops. I was in first as I entered the final segment, but for some crazy reason, I thought the race was over, and I stopped driving for a few seconds. Upon realizing my grave error, I continued, and I somehow managed to remain in first. But my wife was in close second, and I needed her to be in third, or else she would win the trio of races overall.

Just seconds from the finish line, I did the noble thing and aligned myself to fire a green shell backwards at her by looking at her side of the screen. BAM! She was barely passed at the finish and got third. I won the last race of Mario Kart on the Wii U, and we tied overall for the round of three. Seemed a fitting enough end.

I then gathered everything else up to trade in, put it all in bags and boxes, said good-bye to my wife and kid, and drove through the rain to GameStop.

The sadness, the feels, were real. So many fond memories. Once I began having it all inspected at GameStop, though, I began to feel better. I had a general idea of how much I was going to get for everything, but it turned out to be even more than expected.

I took home two cards, a trade credit card and a fifty dollar bonus card. They represent, for me, the Nintendo Switch and a few of the awesome games that I expect it to have. So when I looked at that empty space in the entertainment center, I knew that it would be filled by something even better in just three incredibly long and painful months.

Actually, I doubt the Switch dock would fit in that space, at least not standing up.

But I have high hopes that it will live up to its full potential, and that it will be everything hoped for, and more. Now that we won't be paying for the Switch with savings, my wife will also be fine with us getting more games for it at the start than we otherwise would have. And I am so stinking excited. Breath of the Wild alone seems like it could captivate me for a long, long time, especially since time for gaming each day is rather scarce.

My wife likes to go to bed fairly early-ish, and sometimes I like to stay up a little later, but she appreciates it that I go to bed at the same time, even if I stay awake, just for the sense of comfort and security. I have often wished I could have kept playing my Wii U in bed.

The Nintendo Switch is the answer to this predicament.

I gambled big time on the Nintendo Switch, and I think I'm going to win. Now I just have to be patient.

Which is something that those of us who constantly pine for even the slightest rumbling of news about the Switch because January 12th is way too far away are really good at, right? Am I right?

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