Harry Potter esque Wand Battle in 1 2 Switch

The extended super bowl ad shows a mini game we haven't seen much of yet , a wand battle! Imagine having a wand battle while you and your opponent are quoting Voldemort and Harry or Dumbledore and Voldemort. This will be a fun mini game for party's!

I know many of you like to s**t on 1 2 Switch but let's at least wait and see a full list of games and judge them as a whole, maybe it's not worth $50 but as my roommate pointed out she pays that or more for new board games a couple times a year and so 1 2 Switch won't be any different than that if as a whole there are fun games. I am not getting it at launch because of what I have seen so far but I'm not ruling out eventually getting it. I would need 5-10 of the mini games to look like things my non gaming and gaming friends alike would play at a party for me to pick up a copy.

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