HDMI Alternate mode for USB Type-C may mean you wouldn’t need a dock to output to any TV.

USB Type-C had a HDMI alternate mode spec announced in September, which allows a device with USB Type-C output to natively connect to a HDMI enabled display.

From what we've seen so far, the dock is needed to output to a TV, but rumour says this charges the device and overclocks it to perform better and output at 1080p. But, if the device supports outputting this HDMI alternate mode we may see the ability to connect a USB Type-C to HDMI cable directly to a TV and get TV output at the expense of image quality. What you'll be seeing is the portable version graphics, likely at 720p similar to the Wii U. But the added benefit is that you would no longer need to carry a dock around with you.

I could really see this being a feature they announce. For times when you can't carry a bulky dock around with you, you can still get TV output running off the battery in the device.


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