Hey guys! Pokken (a Pokemon fighting game) needs our support.

It breaks my heart to say this as a true fighting game player who has been playing fighting games for decades, but I have bad news, Pokken, one of the most awesome newly released fighting games is getting axed from EVO (a super popular fighting games tournament) this year, and it won't get a spot in the tournament unless it gets the most amount of money out of donations today.

Right now it's a close call between Pokken and a game called Marvel vs Capcom 3 (A fighting game that features characters from Marvel and Capcom), MvC3 is a dead game unfortunately and the community doesn't realize or understand that, and for some reason people want it to win its spot at EVO this year, even though people should allow the fresh new blood (Pokken) to win this spot.

We the fighting games community ask for you help, gamers, help us by donating to Pokken's direct link and we will all have fun watching this game played at a highly competitive level in July!

Donate here, all the money is going to charity!!

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