Hitler thoughts on Nintendo Switch (TURN ON CC)

This morning Nintendo NX was announced Apparently they changed the name to Nintendo Switch.

In Berlin and everywhere else The system has sliding buttons and you can play console level games on the go That's cool, but the button thing is stupid.

The Nintendo Switch.

Has No.

Its has no backwards compatibility with the Wii U and the actual consoles looks like a tissue box.

If you enjoyed the Wii and Wii U, leave.

THIS IS JUST ANOTHER WII U! NINTENDO NEVERS LEARNS! THIS SYSTEM IS GOING TO FAIL SO BAD! NINTENDO SHOULD'VE MADE A NORMAL CONSOLE NOT THE WII U's AND PS VITA'S KID! NOW THEIR COMPANY IS GOING TO DIE LIKE SEGA IT BETTER HAVE GOOD GRAPHICS SO THERE WILL BE THIRD PARTY GAMES! Nintendo Switch doesn't need third party support! YEA IF THEY WANTED IT TO BE A WII U REMAKE! Nintendo has good 1st party games! IF PEOPLE WANTED TO PLAY NINTENDO'S GAMES THEY WOULD BUY A 3DS! Whats the point in being in the console race when you know you can't win! But they dont care! PS4 Pro and Xbox Scorpio will beat it so hard! AND NOW YOU CAN'T PLAY WII U GAMES! SUPER MARIO MAKER IS MY LIFE! BUT THEY HAD TO MAKE IT CARTRIDGE BASED! All Reggie does all day is say "My body is ready" but he was not ready to reveal the NX for months.

But not the frekin NX! Because he was getting he body ready.

Now they are trying to make a Wii 2! with the sliding buttons.

But I don't want to exercise again! I hated Wii Sports Resort! Don't Worry, We will get a PS4 Pro Even since the Wii.

Nintendo Home Consoles were worse than the OUYA.

I lost hope for Nintendo.

Nintendo is already out of the console race.

Lets go to Gamestop and preorder Xbox Scorpio or PS4 Pro.

Nintendo Switch is shite.

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