Holiday buyers outrage

We are actively looking for anything Nintendo, especially info about the Switch. The majority of the consumers are not and they could easily buy a 3DS or Wii U this holiday unaware of the new upcoming system.

Maybe this is why Nintendo doesn't want that much info out there, but I would really feel robbed if I bought a Wii U or New 3DS XL this holiday, only to find out in January there will be a new system coming in March. Unless of course they decide to bite the bullet and sell the Wii U dirty cheap and make some nice 3DS bundles with 3 top tier games (even though the Switch does not replace the 3DS consumers might feel differently).

That's life of course, but these are/were potential early adaptors of the Switch; which in my opinion Nintendo needs a lot.

What do you think? Will it hurt Nintendo or is it smart of them to keep it on the down low? And do you expect a price cut/nice bundles?

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