Hoping for some kind of new 3d kirby game to be released on switch

Seriously, why didn't Kirby get his own 3d game yet (I mean 3d as in Kirby air ride or super Mario 64)

I mean I have heard that they were gonna develop one for the GameCube a long time ago but couldn't due to limitations or whatever, and then they dropped the idea forever?? Kirby deserves to have his own game in 3d and it would be a nice revival since the last proper Kirby game on a home console was 5* years ago (I'm not counting rainbow ride because it's more of a spin off)

Edit: how could I have forgotten crystal shards power mix mechanic?? That's a really cool mechanic that has a lot of potential, I would like to see them experiment with it again (Kirby 128 of some sort <.>)

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