How are you playing Breath of the Wild?

Lurker here so this is my first post. Let me just say I am super hyped for the Switch and I am really looking forward to BOTW. I haven't played many Zelda games but the new game really excites me. I love my open world games but enough of that lets get to the topic.

I'm curious to see how people are going to be playing the new Zelda. Things like if you will try to 100% it first time, if you will try to beat it quickly or if you're going to take it slow with it and also how people will approach the combat. There are lots of weapons in the game (the image wasn't made by me) so what are you all going to use? At least until you get the master sword. Also out of curiosity where are people going first once you leave the Plateau?

Personally, I'm going to take my time mostly because I won't be able to play most days because of school but every second I can spend playing the game on the weekends I will take. I'm pretty sure I'm going to go for a 100% on my first playthrough and from gameplay, I like the spear type weapons. I'm also going to be heading to the flying island/ship thing once I get off of the plateau although it won't be a direct route. Gotta do my sidequests first.

I'd love to see how different people will approach the game in different ways!

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