How Do You Think Nintendo Will Handle The GameCube Legend of Zelda Titles?

So, with the recent rumor of a GameCube Virtual Console, what do you think Nintendo will do with the 2 Legend of Zelda titles on GameCube that were remade for Wii U? Do you think they'll release the original GameCube versions, or will they skip them since they were just on the last console generation? Maybe they'll make them the Wii U versions available digitally without second-screen support? Let me know what you think! Also, a little side-note, I totally believe that we'll see Four Swords Adventures on the GCN Virtual Console at some point. Ocarina of Time 3D had Master Quest, and the Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition games have been spread out across the NES and N64 virtual consoles.

EDIT: Another thing to note is that Ocarina of Time (N64) and Majora's Mask (N64) are still being released on the Wii U Virtual Console despite the remakes existing on the 3DS.

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