How I Imagine the Unboxing Experience…

So when I buy my switch, I want it to come in a lift-up box, similar to the ones found on smartphones and tablets. A nice thick white or black matted card, very soft to the touch.

Not really any information or specs except for on the underside of the box. On the top of the box, the Switch Logo in a glossy red finish, slightly indented within the matted card. There are Nintendo and NVIDIA logos around the sides of the box, so we know who made this magical console happen.

If you buy a black Switch it should come in a white box, with the white Switch coming in the black box. When you lift the lid off of the box, the Switch is presented to you, the joy-cons are half on/half off. You pull out the Switch and unwrap the plastic and slide the joy-cons in so you feel them click into place. You now know how it should feel. Underneath the Switch is a small cardboard layer, removed with a pull tab to reveal the dock, joy-con grip, USB type C cable/wall plug, HDMI Cable and bundled Super Mario Switch. All neatly laid out in separate compartments so everything is easily accessible.

I wish I could make 3D mockups but I am not talented in that art so I had to describe it. What do you want the unboxing experience to be like?

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