How Many of You Will Play Switch on a 4K TV?

So, I'm sure that this community of all communities will understand a little over-excitement at the prospect of getting a Switch. On my end, I've got the hardware, games, and too many accessories preordered, and am overhauling my entertainment center in preparation. It's a thing I tend to do when new Nintendo hardware launches.


Despite the Switch's 1080p output, I'd like to upgrade to a 4K TV with HDR, just to allow for compatible Chromecast Ultra 4K streaming content and do a little future-proofing. The set I'm looking at, which'll be at roughly a 9-foot viewing distance, is a 43" Samsung KU7000:


So, how many others will play Switch on a 4K set? Anyone else upgrading? What are you playing on?


I'm particularly interested in hearing from those who have played a lot of 1080p gaming content on 4K TVs with decent upscaling capabilities (which is a big reason I'm going with the KU7000).

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