How stable is the Nintendo Switch?

And by that I mean physically stable.

We have all seen the trailer and that the Switch does have a stand to keep it standing up, but comparing it to other stands I've seen, it looks kind of flimsy.

It's only on one side: If you were on a plane and the plane did a big turn, it feels to me like the Switch would just topple. As in, if you had the stand out and you were sitting at a perfectly still table, you could make your Switch fall over with a slight touch to the upper left hand corner.

And based on the fact that it is in fact portable as well as a home console, it would be pretty light – therefore easier to fall over.

Thanks, Dafaria

Now, just to mention: I am NOT a physicist. This is just the impression I got from the trailer. Feel free to dispute me – in fact please do, I would love to hear about how I'm wrong in this case!

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