How The Nintendo Switch Could Be Better Than Both PS4 And Xbox One

We've finally gotten our first official lookat Nintendo's ninth-generation console, the Switch.

Details were light in the days after the itsofficial announcement.

But based on first impressions, it sure seemslike the new system could be capable of going head to head with the Xbox One and the PlayStation4.

Here's a rundown on what we know about theNintendo Switch so far, and how it will stack up against the competition.

It's a console.

And a portable! By now, you may be wondering why Nintendocalled its new console the Switch.

Well check THIS out! "That's crazy!" That's right, with this new console, gamerswill be able to SWITCH from playing at home or on the go.

The trailer shows more scenarios, like playingon a park bench, on an airplane, and even on the road.

And when you've gotten where you're going? Just plug that thing back into the TV.

From what we can see in the trailer, the Switchseems nowhere near as bulky as the Wii U gamepad.

Instead, Nintendo's latest console has a sleekand slim design that's more reminiscent of a tablet.

Ever since 1989, Nintendo has dominated thehandheld gaming market.

Microsoft never really did much with its tablet-basedSmartGlass project.

And Sony's portable ambitions with the PSPand PlayStation Vita couldn't ever touch Nintendo.

If the Switch is can truly deliver on thepromise of being a fully functional home-portable hybrid, Nintendo will give Microsoft and Sonya run for their money.

The mighty Joy-Con The Switch's detachable controllers, calledJoy-Cons, will give players tons of options.

The two little doohickeys can be attachedto one controller hub, the Switch console itself, can be used like Wii-style nunchucks,or even as individual controllers for multiple players.

That's four different configurations for onedevice.

And then there's also the "Nintendo SwitchPro Controller" that made an appearance in the trailer.

While Sony and Microsoft both offer traditional-stylewireless controllers for their consoles, they have nothing like the Joy-Con's adaptability.

Mobile multiplayer Nintendo wants to bring back local multiplayerin a big way.

The trailer shows more than one Switch consolebeing linked together, apparently wirelessly.

It seems like a fair bet that the Switch willhave some form of Wi-Fi built in, too.

But until Nintendo tells us more, we're onlyguessing.

The Switch also looks like it's built witheSports in mind, with two teams of gamers getting together to duke it out over a gameof Splatoon.

Kick it with the stand Back in the GameCube days, Nintendo decidedto stick a little handle on their flagship console, so you could carry it around likea lunchbox.

Which cost two-hundred dollars.

This time around, however, the Switch lookslike it's truly equipped for gameplay anywhere, anytime.

Why? It's got a kickstand! This may not seem important, but small detailslike this can make or break a device.

If you're tired of holding the whole console,you can set it up on a table and get comfortable.

As far as design decisions go, that tiny pieceof plastic is actually kind of brilliant.

Putting the cart before the disc The rumors are true: Nintendo is ditchingdiscs in favor of cartridges.

The Switch seems to run on small game cards,apparently similar in size and shape to 3DS game cards.

Unfortunately, Nintendo confirmed that theSwitch won't play Wii U discs or 3DS game cartridges.

Still, it's possible the Switch might relyon SD cards — just like the 3DS — for expandable internal storage, meaning playersmight be able to carry lots of games on each card.

Either way, that means lots of games on thego.

Nvidia visuals On the same day that Nintendo's Switch trailerwent live, Nvidia announced that it had provided the console with a custom Tegra processor,"based on the same architecture as the world's top-performing GeForce gaming graphics cards.

" Of course, a console's performance can't besummed up by knowing just one of the components that's under the hood.

And as of the making of this video, Nintendohasn't revealed any of the Switch's internal hardware specs.

However, the trailer gives us a glimpse atsomeone playing a game that sure does look like Skyrim, both on the go and on the television.

An article on Ars Technica speculates thatthe Switch will switch between 720p and 1080p visuals depending on whether it's on the goor in the dock.

We won't know how close it'll stack up tothe PlayStation 4 or Xbox One until we know more about its internal specs, but it seemssafe to say that it won't look like, well, this.

"Hello!" New exclusives and a third-party party For years, Nintendo has struggled to attractthird-party gamemakers to make software for its consoles.

It's obviously way too early to know whetheror not the Switch will remedy that problem in the long run.

But Nintendo revealed that nearly 50 third-partypublishers and developers have committed to their new console.

We know the Switch will have new games featuringSuper Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Mario Kart.

But having top-tier, triple-A games from thelikes of Bethesda, EA, and Capcom? That could help the Switch get hardcore gamerson board, while also appealing to lifelong Nintendo fans and casual gamers alike.

Waiting to flip the Switch For all that we know — or think we know— there's still plenty we don't.

As of the making of this video, we're stillin the dark about the Switch's full tech specs, its launch titles, its actual release date,or even the console's purchase price.

How long will the batteries last? How much will it cost to replace a JoyConafter one of them gets thrown out the window during a vigorous session of minivan MarioKart? Because that's totally going to happen.

But even with the little information we dohave, it seems like Nintendo wants the Switch to make waves.

Could this be the console Nintendo meant tomake when the Wii U flopped? Will it capture the attention and hard earnedcash of casual and hardcore game fans alike? "Shut up and take my money!" Only time will tell.

But one thing's for sure: we've never seena console like this before.

In the end, there's only one thing we cansay to Nintendo about the Switch: "Good luck!" Thanks for watching! Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watchmore videos like the one you just saw.

And leave us a comment to let us know whatyou think about the Nintendo Switch.

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