How will /r/NintendoSwitch change when the Switch is out?

This subreddit is filled with hype, hope, fear and anxiety. Constant unconfirmed reports. Constant posts about hopes and dreams. Constant posts about fears and doubt. It never stops. Sometimes it's too much for me.

It's a good source for what's going on. But only when something is actually going on. But it's filled with a lot of noise. I sometimes try to avoid it because there is a lot of drama here. I suspect this will change going forward. When we get the Switch in our hands some will lose interest and leave. People who don't care about rumours and speculation will join. It will no longer be about abstract, theoretical issues, as well as leaks, and shitposts. Instead, it will be about the system, performance, the games, the feeling. About actual news. As more games come out it will be less about what we hope future games are like but about concrete discussions of released games.

In short, things will change.

What will you miss? What do you hope will stay? What are you excited to see start happening here?

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