How will you use Wolf Link day one?

Given you can only bring in Wolf Link once a day, and I imagine most people, like me, plan to play for most of the day, when do you plan to use wolf link? I have no idea if he waits outside of a shrine, so i don't know if its a waste to call him before I do the those shrines. I clearly want to do all 4 so I can properly explore/access the treasures on the Plateau. It would be nice to have him during that time given Link will be at 3 hearts. But I also assume it will only take a few hours to do the shrines, get all the chests and then be ready to jump off the Plateau. Also, assuming he does wait outside of the shrines, surely he cant make it down the Plateau when you jump, so perhaps its best to wait until I have jumped down and acquired a horse before I call him. Thoughts?

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