Hypothetical – what if the nx ended up just being a beefy Nintendo console? Okama Gamesphere?

So I'm sure this got asked at some point, most likely in the 'tomorrow' nx era, but on my way to sleep and a thought popped into mt head that I feel enough time has passed to reflect on.

And yes, the following assumes xbox1 level power or lower for the switch.

So, how do you think you'd be feeling right now, and how would you fancy Nintendo's chances in the console arms race IF the switch reveal was in fact, the Nintendo Gamesphere?

A powerhouse 4k box that churned out 5.4 somesortaFlops. So no innovation, no switch, no hybrid, just offering up a proscorpio with gorgeous looking Nintendo first parties on the way.

Many had been asking for this for the past decade.

Would it be a winner? Would it run 3rd like the GCN? Would 3rd parties go off their bananas? Would BotW be delayed another couple of years to optimize? Would it simply be ignored like a dreamcast?

Are you glad that the switch is the side of the Mario coin that landed facing up at Iwata? Perhaps that doesn't matter as the hypothetical is that we have a beefy console on the way.

Okay enough egg nog rambling from me. Merry Xmas all! Not long til switchmas!

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