I am beginning to feel optimistic about the specs of the Switch.

First of all, specs DO MATTER, please stop saying they don't.

I know that there was Eurogamer's rumor 2-3 weeks ago making the specs seem woefully under-powered but things seem to be different now especially that we now know what settings UE4 is going to run on the Switch

  • High Settings when DOCKED
  • Medium Settings when UNDOCKED

Which is incredible to see considering that the Switch is a tablet just like how the PS4/XB1 are restricted PCs because they use the same architecture and they plug in to your TV or monitor like your PC.

And also another thing is that there was a rumor form a credible source (LKD) saying that the October devkit is more powerful than the July devkit and if I could remember, EG said in JULY that the dev kit has a Tegra X1 inside and even though it's a RUMOR, LKD said the October kit is more powerful (which is probably true) even though she didn't say it's MUCH MORE powerful.

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