I am starting to question if Emily Rogers has sources

A lot of her stories have proven correct lately with some seeming to have truth in them. I have seen people with some sort of proven track record (Liam Robertson) and many new Switch rumour hungry people defend her but what none of you seem to realise is that a lot of us skeptical of her have every right to be.

What all apologists don't seem to be aware of is back when Wii U was code-named Project Cafe. This is why people are so dismissive of her. It isn't bullying by internet trolls "jealous" of her sources. We were all definitely, undeniably lied to originally. Back when Project Cafe rumours were running amok by a corrupt line of journalists making a myth popular (the myth persists to this day) Emily Rogers, a new blogger on the scene, was joining in the rumours.

A rumour originated on Wii U Daily stating GTA V was releasing for Wii U. Emily Rogers not only jumped on this rumour but published her own rumours. Soul Calibur V, unspecified Capcom games, GTA V and many others were scheduled to "launch" on Project Cafe. Even better (a rumour which still hasn't come true) is Rare had 3DS development kits and were developing both Banjo and Star Fox Adventures. People have covered this up with Star Fox 64 being in the 3DS lineup but what you all ignore is Star Fox 64 was already revealed and she was way too specific with her Adventures rumour.

I think every single one of us (believers and doubters alike) are owed an apology from her and an explanation as to what she was originally playing at. Sure that sounds arrogant but look at it this way. She was definitely (at one point in time) making this stuff up for attention and preying on the gullibility of others which is bang out of order.

I think she has sources now but was making it up originally to "make a name" for herself. its about time she came clean and admitted to us (with an apology for those she misled) that she was originally making this up. Then people will start to believe her and stop "attacking" her but she cannot consistently play the victim and I don't care if she is a girl the rules that apply to the men also apply to her.

Admit it Emily. YOU WERE MAKING IT UP and you LIED to people. Please apologise to those you misled and some of us will give you the benefit of the doubt from this day forward. You have sources now but you didn't back then. Its time to make your new years resolution and confess to the crimes you committed in the Project Cafe years.

Apologies for sounding brash but she was laughing at people who believed her and preying on people. Until people get an apology she deserves everything that is coming to her.

Edit: the reason I have marked this "Rumour" is because I feel it is very fitting given her history.

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