I do not believe EuroGamer’s info is illegitimate or outdated, but I believe it’s not the full story. Let me explain:

So let me start out by saying this disclaimer:

What i'm about to say is purely speculation based on fact. You shouldn't expect a portable PS4 but it might be stronger than you think

So back in July, EuroGamer published this article. Essentially it tells us that Nvidia is involved with the Switch, duh. But there's an important piece of information that keeps nagging at me:

There's an additional wrinkle to the story too, albeit one we should treat with caution as it is single-source in nature with a lot of additional speculation on our part. This relates to the idea that the Tegra X1 in the NX development hardware is apparently actively cooled, with audible fan noise.

Basically, this tells us that the devkit has a fan with audible noise. Of course we do know that it had some kind of fan as we've seen the fan grill in the trailer, but there's a key word here.


I honestly do not believe that Nintendo of all companies, would release a handheld with a loud fan. It doesn't seem like their style at all.

The EG article only cites clock speeds, which are important, yes. But they aren't the only factor.

I think the devkits have overclocked x1's in them to almost emulate a potential custom chip that was not ready at the time.

Now like I said, it wont be a PS4, but I think this potentially could push it near the current gen ballpark, or at the very least, distance it self from the Wii U even more.

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