I had a dream about the Switch last night…

For some reason I was at my old job and I went to ask the manager if my Switch pre-order came in. It was a hospital job so not like a game business or anything. This was like 10 days before the official launch in my dream. Strangely the manager said yes it's here. I'm like yeah right no way. So he pulls out the Switch console and shows me. I'm like no freaking way. So I ask him, can I have it now? He's like, yeah sure no problem and he hands it to me. I look at him and I'm like, are you sure? He says yeah go ahead take it. I'm like, you're messing with me right? No here it's yours.

So I take the console and go home and start playing it. I remember thinking it was much lighter than I expected while holding it. I wanted to figure out how to unswitch the joy-cons and use the kick stand, but I wanted to play so badly so I just played right away without even messing with those things. There were two games I played in my dream on it. One was a kind of Batman game which was on par or better with current gen games. The part I remember most about that game was the case it came in. The case was small and round like a big soda can. It had a full manual in it and a special slot for the game card to go into. I thought it was a pretty sweet design for a game case and that you could pop the top like a can of pop to open it up and it would hiss like you are opening a brand new item. I suppose it could help piracy somehow.

Also the second game was much better than the first. It was a Mario game like the one shown in the demo. It was a mix between Super Mario 3D World and Super Mario 64, which was my dream (literally and figuratively) Mario game I was hoping for. You know the segments in SM3DW where you have 10 seconds to collect the green star once you enter the pipe or the little houses? A pipe showed up in the middle of a snow stage I was playing and Bowser popped out halfway to tempt me to follow him. So he enters the pipe and I had to enter the pipe before it disappeared. I got into a stage where it was almost like a mini-game from the original Mario Party (with updated graphics of course) and it was a whack-a-mole style to get a star or something, but I failed at it because it's no standard whack-a-mole. Bowser is a darn tricky guy. It was pretty damn good looking in my dream though.

I should mention I had this dream on the night of my wedding anniversary and we had a fair amount of wine in us last night. So I'd say I'm going to buy that same wine again and hope for some more good dreams in the near future.

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