I have had a lot of frustrations with positioning and neckpain while playing Pokemon S&M, as well as three new scratches on my screen. I have no idea how they got there. The Switch is something I’ve been wanting for years because now I may finally be able to play Pokemon on a big TV again.

Without sending my 3DS to a capture card place, spending a lot of money, and be missing my 3DS for a while, while it is worked on.

I'm regretting buying so many games on the eShop simply from the sake of the fact they're all on my scratched up 3DS XL. It is super distracting, and the scratches just seem to keep multiplying. I was just playing with my 3DS tonight in Pokemon Sun, in my house just laying around on the couch, and suddenly I noticed a speck on my upper screen, so I wiped it off with my shirt like I normally do.

The speck of whatever it was dragged and scratched the screen. Now I have another distracting scratch on my 3DS XL screen. The screen is shockingly fragile. I don't think I've ever had a Nintendo system with a screen as fragile as my 3DS. Even at home use I get scratches. My DS doesn't have screen scratches, my Wii U doesn't have screen scratches. My 3DS XL, though, loads of screen scratches, no matter how much I try to avoid it, they keep piling up.

I've had nothing but trouble attempting to get a 64 GB SD card to work with my XL, I spent hours and hours trying to get it to work as FAT32 with various software, but my 3DS would never recognize it. Eventually I had to buy a new separate 32 GB just to download Sun and Moon. I also copied and pasted my folders from my old SD card to a new one, hoping that this simple method websites say will work, will just simply transfer my old games to the new SD card with no problem. Copy the folders, paste them to the new SD card, and there are your games. They're not there.

Again, I just gave up, I just wanted to play Sun and Moon the hour the games were released and not worry with spending hours figuring this out. I am a "PC gamer" in that I play a lot of games on the PC, and have built several computers. And I must say this is every bit as frustrating as any problems I have come across PC gaming. People tell me that console gaming is hassle free, clearly it is not.

Now I am afraid of ever getting a new 3DS with a pristine screen and doing a system transfer, afraid that all of my digital stuff will all be back to square one. All my Pokemon items, my Festival points, my PokePelago progress, everything on all of my games. I have failed at getting a 64 GB SD card to work, and failed to get my game saves from one SD card to another, and even any of the game data itself. Why should I assume that transferring from a 3DS XL to a New 3DS will go any more smoothly.

Some people have told me that my desire to play Pokemon on the big screen is "wrong' and "goes against the ethos of Pokemon", because "Pokemon is meant to be a portable game, pocket monsters".

But I can't stand being locked in to a piece of portable hardware, play until my neck hurts, and stare at a tiny little fragile screen that constantly gets scratches.

If Pokemon Stars is a real thing, it is something I have been waiting for for years since the Game Boy Player for the Gamecube was a thing. I have been dreaming of just being able to play Pokemon on the big screen again without having to send my 3DS in to someplace like 3DScapturecard and spend a bunch of money and be missing my 3DS.

The 3DS is a great piece of hardware with a great hardware library, but I am glad that the era is ending. I am glad that I can play mainline Pokemon games on the TV again, just like I could on the Gamecube and systems before it. I'm glad that I can have my Pokemon games or at least Stars on a system I don't have to constantly be paranoid about getting scratches.

I can just relax and play Pokemon and other handheld games on my TV, with no hassle, finally. No longer will I feel locked in to fragile hardware. I guess I wouldn't mind this so much if the 3DS were as sturdy as other Nintendo handhelds, but my biggest complaint about the 3DS would be my frustrations with the way digital distribution has worked and too hardware based instead of cloud based, and is so fragile.

I liked you 3DS, you were a nice system. But I am going to be so happy to finally be able to put my old beat up looking 3DS that I have taken obsessive and paranoid care of for the last few years to rest.

More than hyped, this is just a breath of relief for me. My Samsung TV does not get scratched over every little thing, is a big beautiful screen, and TVs are cheap, anyway. Several places this Black Friday had 40 inch HDTVs for $150 or less.

Finally, finally I will be free! I cannot wait for Pokemon Stars! Please be a real thing!

Sorry for this rant, I was playing my 3DS tonight, very carefully, mind you, and got another scratch on my screen. I'm frustrated with the system and looking forward to its replacement.

The Switch is just going to be a breath of fresh air as someone who loves playing handheld games and loves the library of handheld gaming but does not enjoy the handheld gaming experience, especially the Nintendo one that has been more hardware based than cloud based. I can finally be free of at least one of my frustrations with it.

The Nintendo Switch and Pokemon Stars cannot come here soon enough.

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