I have the best friend in the world, thanks bud!

So ever since the switch was officially announced back in October I've know I'd not be able to get one due to financial hardships as of late. So I've been keeping my distance from any and all switch news, and information as so that I didn't get excited for it. We'll the day after the big showing of the switch my buddy came to work and handed me a receipt, he said merry Christmas and Happy birthday. On the recipet it shows he had preorderd me my vary own switch, and was to be payed in full! I have the best friend in the world, never has anyone done anything like this for me before and it was without me even asking or begging for it. All because of my best friend I'll be able to play botw and have the greatest experience with my friend. I'm so excited for the switch I've now done straight in since then and watched almost every video, read every article I could find, and browse this sup to gain as much info, and hype as possible! This is my story, thanks bud! You're the best

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