I haven’t been this excited for a gaming console since the announcement of the Nintendo Revolution!

Constantly re-watching trailers for the Nintendo Switch and different theories on YouTube makes me nostalgic for the pre-release of the Wii. I remember constantly researching the "Nintendo Revolution" and looking at beta footage of Super Mario Galaxy on YouTube (Back when YouTube wasn't even a year old yet). I remember the Wii was so hard to find after release that, on Christmas of 06, my gift box just had a note that said "We owe you a Wii" and I finally ended up getting that summer. The Nintendo Switch buildup is making me feel like a kid again as I constantly watch Breath of the Wild videos, analysis videos, and speculations.

Edit: Thinking about it now, I remember watching the South Park episode where Cartman freezes himself to get a Nintendo Wii. I watched that episode when it was brand new and I related to it so much, now I'm watching the episode again because I have the same feeling again.

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