I hope Nintendo smartens up developers.

My brother recently got a ps4, it's allright. Kinda pretty, and a few times god awful (uncharted 4 textures looking weird). It's annoying that you have to DL day 1 patches. I also hope that games on the switch aren't 80 dollars, cause from what i seen of battlefield 1 not worth 80 dollars, maybe 40, another 40 with the dlc to get the rest of the game. Battlefield 1 has alot of gameplay bugs in it, on one level my brother was able to hide in a crater, lure enemies to him and look right at them and not get noticed did this with about 8 enemies before moving on. My prefernce for gaming: Gameplay>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>controls>>>>>>>>Graphics

I hope switch really does get me out of my gaming rut, cause the ps4 and xb1 IMHO are a waste. Half baked games that require day 1 patches, buggy game play and allright looking visuals IMO. Plus nothing that interest me okay a few games but they're mostly the same old, nothing really new or innovative.

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